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"Going above and beyond comes from small things."

– Amy Lai, Co-Founder


To us, boba is more than just a drink; it’s an opportunity to sit back and slow down, a reminder to enjoy the small and simple things in life. Starting at small and simple (like a Teaspoon!), we’re working towards a grander mission: to create space to delight, to care for, to connect with — all through our passion and expertise in handcrafted tea & premium boba inspired by life’s moments.

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The recipe for Teaspoon starts with a dream. After finishing school and heading into a 9 to 5 job, Amy Lai found herself thinking about her dream to open a boba shop. Amy’s determination and support from her community inspired her to chase after this, until she finally opened the first-ever Teaspoon in Los Altos, California.

To us, boba is more than just a drink. In our kitchens, Teaspoon’s research and development team cooks up new ideas every day. We look to traditional boba culture and pair it with classic American flavors for drinks you can’t find anywhere else. Our flavors are personally created by team members across our stores and inspired by our own experiences for inspiration – expect a new favorite drink every season with our constantly-changing menu!

Our goal is that you leave with a memory that brightens your day. We love to go above and beyond to make sure of this: replacing spilled drinks on the house, remembering the usual orders of weekly customers blossoming into new friendships, building our kitchens as open layouts to encourage connections. We smile as soon as we see smiles on the faces of people walking through our doors. No matter the occasion, our stores and our drinks are here for you as you celebrate the simple moments in life, one Teaspoon at a time.


As a woman raised within an immigrant family, co-founder Amy set a precedent for Teaspoon’s dedication to hard work, resilience, and risk-taking. From this, we derive our company values:


From the moment you step into one of our shops, we are committed to providing our customers with a warm and friendly environment to enjoy a sip of their favorite drink. Our goal is to make sure you leave with a memory that brightens your day.



The best Teaspoon moments come from the people. Teaspoon works hard to create a meaningful community — it makes us happy seeing people come back as regulars throughout the years.  Every decision — like our open kitchen layout — means we prioritize connections with whoever walks through our doors.

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Our team is passionate about boba and tea, and we know the difference a good cup can bring to your day. We want you to find joy and celebrate the simple moments in life one Teaspoon at a time.


Interested in being a part of the Teaspoon mission?

We're always looking to grow our team!

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