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Teaspoon serves the freshest, small-batch bubble tea in your neighborhood.

Fresh, refreshing, quality ingredients.

These are the standout qualities of the drinks offered at Teaspoon, the tea shop that just opened. As its name might suggest, Teaspoon is certainly a tea shop, but what it offers is a well-rounded menu that goes beyond just tea — serving something for everyone in your life.

From innovative twists on American classics, such as an iced sweetened black tea with strawberry marmalade, to reimagined versions of Asian desserts, such as the Silky Mango, a tea-less drink made with organic milk and mango puree, inspired by Hong Kong mango pudding, Teaspoon offers creative and delicious drinks.

The Strawberry Sangria, made with black Assam tea, sweetened with natural cane sugar, and infused with strawberry marmalade.

Courtesy of Teaspoon

When asked about the vision behind the drinks, owner Amy Lai said simply, “I love fresh, fruit drinks and teas, so the menu reflects that!” Lai also spoke of her vision of making bubble tea, also known as boba, something accessible to people all over the country.

But first, what is bubble tea? The “bubble” (or “boba) in bubble tea, are chewy tapioca pearls. Bubble tea drinks range from more fruity drinks to creamy milk drinks, and customers can choose to have these chewy pearls added to their drink. Originating in Taiwan, the sweet, iced tea and milk tea drinks began to become popular in 2000’s, but is only now becoming highly mainstream.

Amy Lai grew up in the period of time that boba shops began springing up, but felt that the menus and ingredients were sometimes exclusive to Asian communities. She wanted to create an experience where everyone felt they could belong and enjoy a good drink, which is what spurred the idea of refreshing drinks that featured classic American ingredients.

But with bubble tea increasing in popularity, it is crucial for Teaspoon to set itself apart from other tea houses, and the secret is in not only the ingredients, but also the technique in making their drinks, as well as their values of hospitality and connection to the community. Teaspoon prides itself on a process of small-batch cooking. That means, the tea and boba is cooked in small batches to ensure optimal taste and texture. It’s also what ensures that the drinks you're tasting come with that extra bit of care that distinguishes the experience. With boba, it is the cooking process that happens continually throughout the day — little chewy pearls soaked in honey and served at the perfect consistency. For the tea, that’s when a unique technique and piece of equipment come in: the Teaspresso machine. Teaspoon uses an espresso-style machine in order to make freshly brewed tea for each drink. This ensures a robust and consistent tea flavor for every drink. To round out the attention to technique and quality, Teaspoon makes sure to give directly to the community in which their shops are, through fundraisers and sponsorships.

Teaspoon offers milk teas, fruit teas, as well as tea-free smoothies and drinks made with fruit and pure organic milk. Their “Liquid Gold” truly lives up to its name. Imagine a drink that tastes and looks luxurious, then try this honey oolong tea, which is topped with a luscious house-made cream. The golden color of the tea actually comes from the roasting process of a local tea roaster, creating a honey-like taste and color. The Liquid Gold experience is made perfect with the honey boba. The drink is both indulgent, yet refreshing.

Honey Oolong tea topped with fresh cream

Courtesy of Teaspoon

For those who want to go dairy-free and order arguably the most refreshing drink on the menu, the “Grasshopper” is the way to go. The drink is a lychee green tea topped with fresh cucumber juice. The drink is light and thirst-quenching, and also tastes remarkably healthy and satisfying. The addition of cucumber juice in this drink makes Teaspoon truly stand out in the ranks of bubble tea shops, where fresh fruits are often centered, but rarely with a combination such as lychee with cucumber.

When it comes to tea-free options, the Silky Mango is the ultimate dessert-in-a-cup. It is a rich and creamy drink with mango puree made in house, served with organic milk and honey boba. And if you want something icier, there’s always the option of getting the smoothie version of the puree, the “Mango Funtime”.

One of the most standout qualities of Teaspoon is not only its accessibility, but also that the ethos of serving fresh and refreshing drinks is sustained by ensuring that the drinks are served sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Customers are encouraged to adjust their sweetness level to their liking, but the default sweetness won’t send you into a sugar high like so many other drink shops.

Owner Amy Lai reiterated that when first coming up with the idea of Teaspoon, she wanted to make drinks that she loves — refreshing and high quality — and they have nailed it with their offerings.

Next time you’re in the area, make a stop at Teaspoon for a fresh bubble tea drink, where the whole team wants you to leave with a smile and to remind yourself to “Enjoy Life One Teaspoon at a Time."

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