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Make sure to update your Teaspoon Rewards app to the latest version and migrate your account to experience a more intuitive and effortless ordering journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an existing customer and I can’t login.  

  • Please make sure to update your Teaspoon Rewards app to the latest version. 

  • Please select “Create an Account”  

  • Enter your information using the same 10-digit phone number used in your previous account. 

  • Once your “new account” has been made, your previously earned points and rewards will migrate onto your account on our new system. 


I’m a new customer and I want to start an account.  

  • Welcome to Teaspoon Rewards! To start an account, please download our app from your phone's app store and sign in with an email and current phone number.  


Can I start an account in store?  

  • All accounts must be started through the app.  

How does your loyalty program work?  

  • Earn 2 Golden Spoons for every dollar you spend! Once you reach 120 Golden Spoons, you will receive $6 to spend on menu items.  


When can I start redeeming my Golden Spoons?  

  • Once you hit 120 Golden Spoons, redeem them away!  


It looks like I’m missing points and I know I’m a loyal member.  

  • Once you hit 120 Golden Spoons, those automatically convert to a $6 free drink reward.


Do I get Golden Spoons on promotional items?  

  • As long as you’re paying for items, you’re earning Golden Spoons.  


What is the difference between Current Balance and Lifetime Balance?  

  • Your Current Balance is what is available to use towards your purchases. Lifetime Balance is what you’ve earned over time and includes previously redeemed points. We value your loyalty so the more Lifetime Balance, the more Teaspoon love you have coming to you.  


Do I need the app for my birthday drink?  

  • Yes. To redeem your complimentary birthday drink, you must be a rewards member.  


If I don’t make an app purchase, can I still get Golden Spoons?  

  • Yes! Ask your barista to look up your account on their end and they’ll take care of you.  


I’m missing points from a previous order? How can I get them?  

  • Shoot us an email at and please provide us with a receipt or a screenshot and we’ll get it worked out.  


Can I use all of my available rewards at once?  

  • Only 1 voucher can be redeemed per order, but the more vouchers you have- the more Teaspoon goodness you have coming to you!  


If I order on a 3rd Party site, does my order go towards my rewards points?  

  • Reward points are only received through app and in-store orders.  

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